Increase Tickets Sales with Social Sharing

Coming soon to REACH is the ability to promote and sell tickets on your promotional micro-site.

Concerts, Recitals, Galas, Parties... there are thousands of events that require tickets for entry.  REACH allows you to quickly create a full E-Commerce website to both sell and distribute your tickets.  With the added power of Social Sharing your guests can quickly tell their friends about your event, increasing word-of-mouth advertising and your ticket revenues!

... guests can quickly tell their friends about
your event, increasing your ticket revenues!

For each campaign you are able to assign several ticket types (single, couple, early-bird, etc.) with limits and expiry.  REACH will distribute your tickets intelligently to ensure that no over sales occur and that your event runs smoothly.  Each ticket is flagged with a unique code and can be traced back to the individual that purchased it.  Tickets codes can be provided or numbered automatically.  REACH even produces bar coded tickets so your guests can enter your event with a quick scan.

The REACH E-Commerce engine can instantly be connected to your existing merchant account without any messy code or technical confusion.  The money from all sales go directly to your account!  REACH integrates with all major payment gateways, including;, Beanstream, Chase Paymentech, Collective POS, Evalon, First Data Global Gateway, Moneris eSelect Plus, PayPal Web Payments Pro... and we are always adding more.