REACH Platform Features

Instant Merchant Integration

REACH can instantly be connected to your existing merchant account.  Just choose your merchant provider, enter the security information and you're done.  No messy code or technical confusion. REACH integrates with all major payment gateways, including;, Beanstream, Chase Paymentech, Collective POS, Evalon, First Data Global Gateway, Moneris eSelect Plus, PayPal Web Payments Pro... and we are always adding more.

Advanced Reporting

A complete reporting dashboard allows you to closely monitor and analyze your campaign as it unfolds.  All data is reported in real-time and can be exported at any time.  Beautiful graphs will quickly allow you to identify key campaign KPIs such as response, opt in and sharing rates.  Deeper reports allow you to analyze your campaign details such as survey responses, key influencers and sharing mediums of choice.

Multi Channel Campaigns

Within a single campaign, you are able to create multiple channels.  Each channel is housed at a unique URL and can be visually unique.  This allows serious marketers to easily track traffic and other key KPIs by source and even perform complex A/B testing.  All dashboards and reports can be filtered by channel for in-depth analysis.  It's nerdtastic!

Full Design Flexibility

REACH is based on RXML, allowing professional web designers complete flexibility in their campaign designs.  If you're a non-technical users, REACH offers an easy to use template editor for adjusting images, colors and page layout.  All without any code required!

Personal URLs

For marketers beginning their campaigns with an Email Blast or Direct Mailing; REACH contains a Personal URL generator.  This tool creates a unique URL for all of your existing contacts so when they arrive to your microsite, the Opt In form is automatically completed for them (often increasing Opt In rates to +80%).  As usual, REACH tracks everything including a "from pURL" traffic metric in your analytics dashboard.


Because REACH carefully tracks all of your visitor referrals, you can easily reward your participants for directing their friends to your campaign.  REACH provides tools for you to assign a point system, display real-time leader boards and a console for your participants to return later to share some more.

Contact Management

The most effective use of REACH is not for just one single campaign, but many.  By utilizing a central people database for your account, you are able to track your audience participation over many campaigns.  This allows you to instantly identify participant tendencies so you can then better target your marketing efforts.