REACH Out To Your Donor's Social Networks

Whether it is a short, one-time cause or a year round campaign; the REACH platform can help increase your donor contributions and get your message out to the masses. Using REACH's sharing technology, after completing their donation transactions, your donors are able to share your campaign with their friends, who may appreciate your cause ("birds of a feather..", right?), helping you attract potential new donors with each donation that is made.

... your donors are able to share your
campaign with their friends...

With in-depth share tracking technology, REACH also allows you to identify the influence of your donors. That means that after Johnny makes a donation and shares with his Social Networks, REACH can identify how many of his friends responded and the power of his influence.  We can even tell you how many donated dollars Johnny helped you generate with his sharing!

The REACH E-Commerce engine can instantly be connected to your existing merchant account without any messy code or technical confusion.  The money from all sales go directly to your account!  REACH integrates with all major payment gateways, including;, Beanstream, Chase Paymentech, Collective POS, Evalon, First Data Global Gateway, Moneris eSelect Plus, PayPal Web Payments Pro... and we are always adding more.