Your Coupons Shared Through Social Media

Shopping with coupons has always been popular - everyone wants to get the best price! Take advantage of this phenomenon and offer coupons and discount vouchers on your website. It will give you the ability to generate repeat traffic and increase sales.

... sharing activity for coupon promotions
is 30% higher
than other types of campaigns.

Coupons have proven to be one of the most virally shared items within REACH campaigns.  The typical coupon campaign will experience sharing activity that is 35% higher than other types of promotions.

With REACH, after visitors Opts In to your promotion, they are able to select one or several of the coupons you choose to include in the campaign.  After being prompted to share the coupon offers with their friends they are thanked and can print their coupons easily.

Every coupon distributed by REACH is flagged with a unique code and can be traced back to the individual that downloaded it.  Coupon codes can be provided, in order to limit distribution or numbered automatically.  REACH even produces bar coded coupons so your discounts can be scanned at the counter easily.