How REACH Works

Within minutes of creating an account, REACH allows you to launch a range of promotional e-commerce microsites, including; ContestsCouponsDonationsTickets, and Products.  Each follow the same 4 step process.

First, through an Email Blast, Ad Campaign or Direct Marketing Campaign, you direct potential customers to your microsite...

Step 1  - Opt In

When your prospect arrives, they are offered the chance to Opt In to your campaign (for a contest, to receive a coupon, etc.).  If you choose to utilize personal URL technology, your existing customers will have the form pre-populated for them so all they have to do is click to proceed. Our stats show this usually gets 80%+ Opt In rate. Nice!

Step 2 - Purchase/Awesomeness

Depending on your campaign type choice, your visitors are then prompted for a donation, ticket choice, etc.  For contests, this step is skipped in order to keep things fast and simple. For E-Commerce transactions, your visitors credit card is processed immediately before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2B - Survey (Optional)

If you're feeling fancy you are able to add an optional step to your campaign where you may ask your new customer a question or two; allowing you to better understand their preferences.

Step 3 - Share

Your customer is then given the opportunity to share your amazing offer with their friends using Social Networks like FacebookLinkedInTwitter or just good 'ol Email.  As your visitors share, they are given a personal, traceable link .  This means that if Simon shares your promotion to his Social Networks and 20 of his friends Opt In... REACH can report to you that Simon influenced 20 people for your cause.  Pretty cool, eh?

People love games, so you may also choose to use gamification elements to reward those that refer the most people to your campaign.

Step 4 - Thank You

Lastly, you can provide your visitors with a hearty THANKS and send them on their way. At this step you may also include links to other websites or even encourage your visitor to LIKE your Facebook Fan Page.